Climate Change

Check out this new board that discusses the causes and and effects of climate change on our environment. For example the main producer of air pollution is from cars and electrical generation.  There is a few techniques to help limit your effect on the environment as well!



Stress Management 

As the sememster winds down and we near thanksgiving break lots of assignments and things pile up! Be sure to keep yourself on track by taking some time to relive stress in these many ways! This board will give you a little insight in how to limit the amount of stress and manage it easily!


The Wright Center 

Check out this board by the water fountain! Get more information on what the Wright Center is for and how they help veterans or non-traditional students. There is a few facts about the members who serve and follow through with college.

Diversity and inclusion 

Circle Olympics: Pool

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Thursday evening Brockert battled within for a representative to fight for us in the circle Olympics!  It was a fair playing field with 3 north represented by Dawson!  After the round robin in hall was completed, Zack and Jesse were tied at 2 wins each.  The tie break between the two was a hard fought victory for Zack in the end.  Once all halls arrived at Hugunin the round robin began.  After a few nail biting moments each hall ended with a 1-1 record forcing a 3 way tie break.  All halls competed in cutthroat where each player gets 5 balls and when you balls are all pocketed you are eliminated.  Zack ended up winning it all for us and brought home the trophy!

A Place to Belong

Glow Games

This past Friday behind Hugunin a bunch of fun activities we happening! A group of guys and I went down to play cornhole, frisbee and enjoy the snacks.  Our cornhole game was super intense since it lasted so long! Both teams busted and went back to 15 numerous times. Then we tossed a glow frisbee around while Dawson and I tried teaching each other new ways to pass it!

A Place to Belong

Ping pong

Matt and I played ping pong from midnight to 4 am. We broke a sweat and had a blast trying different moves and techniques! We also included a few challenges like playing without moving our feet. Overall it was a fun night and prepared ourselves in case we needed a tie break for circle Olympics!