about me

Hello everyone!  I am Jake Becker, the Resident Assistant for 3 North of Brockert Hall. This is my third year at UW-Platteville and my second year being a Resident Assistant.  My major is computer science with a minor in business administration.

I am from the decent town of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, which is about an hour away from Green Bay and Milwaukee, and about 10 minutes away from Lake Michigan.   I went to Sheboygan Falls High School, which had roughly 550 students, and about 150 in my class.  I graduated as Salutatorian in my class, which was pretty cool, I guess.

Back in my day, I was involved in multiple sports, including wrestling, football and track and field, with wrestling as my overall favorite. I made it to the state tournament in 2014 in Division 2 at 170 lbs., which I was very happy about! In track and field, I did the 4×100 and the 4×200 meter relays and I also did high jump. My relays both made it to the Sectional Meet (which in WI it is the one to qualify for the State Meet) in 2013 and 2014.

Based off my last paragraph, I enjoy being active. I enjoy lifting weights, so you will probably find me in the weight room almost everyday.  I love playing volleyball or disc golf in my free time.  I also love kayaking and canoeing and wish I could do more of that.

On a different note, I also love technology.  I built my own computer last winter and I had a blast building it! I thoroughly enjoy playing video games when I have nothing to do, or have the urge to play. I try to keep up with my tech knowledge so I know what is happening in the tech world.

I am a very laid back person and can get along with anyone.  Feel free to stop by my room to talk, hang out, need questions answered, or anything! I am looking forward to the school year and hope it goes well for everyone!