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Get your game on!

A Place to Belong


March Madness

Stay up to date with the NCAA men’s basketball tournament throughout the week to follow your team.  I will update it nightly.

A Place to Belong

As the tournament started last week you all received new door decs and a chance to win a pizza by guessing the winner of the tournament.  I recorded what everyone guessed so it’s a fair playing field.

Identity Development

Kick the Bad Habit

Recognize and solve whatever bad habits you have! Follow these 6 steps to getting rid of that pesky habit. Make sure to reward yourself if you complete these steps. Bad habits can have a negative influence on you so try to take a sigh of relief after kicking it!


Stop the Hate!

Check out this new board about the negativity people suffer through each and everyday.  Educate yourself on these few terms for their meaning and refrain from using any derogatory language.  Remember that just because it doesn’t offend you doesn’t mean it won’t affect someone else.


Tools of the Trade

Need to pick up the slack this semester? Here are a few tips to be successful in the classroom. Maybe find a new way to take notes, study, or prioritize schoolwork. Look to this board for a few helpful hints!


Blood Drive

The blood drive is coming up here soon! Check out these staggering statistics about our nations blood supply. Even if you can’t donate blood volunteer and help out!