Ping Pong Tournament


Tonight 3rd floor had a very competitive ping pong tournament, sadly it was single elimination however revenge can be had anytime throughout the year! We shed our fair share of sweat while serving up wicked shots in the blistering heat of the basement! 3 South’s Justin came out on top in the final between the primary and secondary brackets!



Before you Swipe Right!!


This board gives 5 quick tips on tinder and how people can misrepresent themselves on social media.  With our culture it is easy to get hurt from others emotionally, follow these steps and you will be happy with whomever you find! P.S. please enjoy the pick-up puns on the bottom!


Useful Resources By: Google


As the school year heats up this board will help you use your resources online like google drive, maps, chrome, news, and gmail.  Stay on top of school projects with Google docs: finish a group project in no time while everyone works on it at the same time in separate places!


Glow Campus


After encouraging residents to attend this event I went for a little while before I needed to return to the building. I ran into a couple of my residents and saw that a few had met new friends here on campus! I wish I could have stayed much longer, because it seemed like a lot of fun! I’m glad they didn’t miss out!

A Place to Belong

Meet Your RA!


As it takes time to get to know each and everyone of you, it takes time for you to know me!  This board gives a few fun facts about myself that are great talking points about my life and my hobbies.  I hope we can all find some hobby or activity we can enjoy together or discuss!

A Place to Belong

Student Academic Success


College is a very difficult transition, but the people on third floor of Brigham hall are here to help! They have college coaches for people who need that extra push to get things done and they are willing to help you through the tutoring center or writing centers.  This board represents how you might feel but what the best way to look at challenges you’ll face all year are.  Let’s have a great year and use all of our resources!