Rocket League!


During welcome weekend four residents and I all joined together to play a game with and against each other for a couple hours that night.  It was super fun to kick back and enjoy a few friendly games while getting to know them better!

A Place to Belong



20170905_090313.jpgThe year is quickly approaching let us make the most of it! Enjoy all of the weekend’s event and make everlasting friendships! These door decs will help you learn names and feel welcomed here at UW Platteville!  Here is this weekends events.  “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt

CPR Welcome Weekend Schedule

A Place to Belong

Late Night Conversations

The other day, a bunch of the guys and I were just talking about a bunch of nonsense. The conversation varied from the outdoors to trying to figure out the meaning of life. It was a nice and long conversation that I hope everyone benefitted from.

Summer Plans

The other day, some of the guys and I were talking about our summer plans. The majority of the conversation was about where we are working and what we will be doing. They were also asking me about my internship so I explained how I got it and some tips of what to do when it comes time for them to apply for internships.

Good Burger

The other night, one of the residents decided to make burgers. I am a big fan of burgers and he was nice enough to make some for me! I was very satisfied with some good burgers and I can’t wait until he makes burgers again!

Neature Walk

The other night, some of the guys wanted to go for a walk since it was rather nice that night. We went down by the rugby fields and walked along the creek. I thought it was a very nice walk and it was quite peaceful.