Moving The Room

The other day, one of the guys asked me to help him with his room set up. We took down his loft and then we set up the room as how it should be when checkout comes. It’s an odd look but it’s what needs to be done!


Good Burger

The other night, one of the residents decided to make burgers. I am a big fan of burgers and he was nice enough to make some for me! I was very satisfied with some good burgers and I can’t wait until he makes burgers again!

Wing Fines to Memes

A group of residents and I were talking about the wing fine ordeal and how that all works.  After we talked about that, we just walked around the wing, looking at all the posters and publicity and eventually made our way down to the lounge where they think they can play sports because it’s not technically in the hall. Lastly, we ended up by my room sharing our favorite memes.