The End is Near

The other day, one of the guys and I were talking about how the semester is coming to an end. We talked about all the stuff we did over the year and we are pretty sad it is coming to an end. But I am sure we will definitely cross paths next year!


Stress Management

Since it is coming to that part of the semester, I found it fitting to put up a bulletin board about stress management.  There is a bunch of information to help with stress levels and some causes that people might experience.  Hopefully the guys can find something that they can use to help them.


thumbnail_image000002The other day, I decided to put up a board about anxiety and how it affects people.  I thought this was a good idea just to bring awareness about the topic. It gives a description of what anxiety is and what it does to a person who has it.  Hopefully the guys learn something new from the board.

Emotional Intelligence

thumbnail_image000000The other day, I put up a bulletin board up on emotional intelligence. I thought it was a good idea to put up this board just to bring awareness about the topic. It talks about the effects it has on people and what it means. Maybe people will learn something new about emotional intelligence.

Stress Management

stress-management-bulletin-boardSince it is becoming test time with most classes, I decided to put up a stress management bulletin board.  This board gives some ways to manage stress levels and to make sure you are stress free.  It has a lot of different ways to deal with stress, so if one doesn’t work, there are other options. Hopefully these tips and tricks can be useful for everyone!