Late Night Volleyball

The other night, some of the guys were looking for something to do. They decided to go out to the circle to play some volleyball. I joined them for a while and it was a blast!


Nerf War

The other day, we had a Nerf war with the guys from 1 North and 4 South.  Even though there was a small amount of people there, we still had a good time! Maybe next time we could use the whole basement instead of just the KCMR.

Run Talks

The other day, one of the guys and I were talking about how he is running more.  I mentioned that I need to go running more and get back into rugby shape so I can actually compete.  He offered to go running together so now I have something to look forward to! Hopefully the run goes well!

Forget the Freshmen 15


I put up a board about how to combat the infamous freshmen 15. Since it is the new year, some people might have some new years resolutions to get more active and hopefully this board can help! This board gives healthy eating tips and some exercises you can do in your room, as well.