Summer Plans

The other day, some of the guys and I were talking about our summer plans. The majority of the conversation was about where we are working and what we will be doing. They were also asking me about my internship so I explained how I got it and some tips of what to do when it comes time for them to apply for internships.


Resume Tips

I put up this board about resume tips since I thought it would be good information to know.  Since people will be applying for internships and jobs over the summer, I thought I could help out everyone.

Interview Tips


Since the career fair is approaching, I thought it would be fitting to put up a board about some interview tips.  These tips will help everyone nail their interviews so they can have an internship or co-op for the upcoming months.  Hopefully they work well for everyone!

Interview Tips

interview tipsIt might not pertain to them as of now, but these are skills that are beneficial for applying to any job.  I listed five important interview tips to help with the stress of interviewing and how to become prepared.  I hope the guys take the time to read over it because it will help them in their future!

Internship Info

The other day, one of the guys was looking at my door and noticed a name tag on the door and asked where I got it. I told him that I got it from my internship over the summer at Kohler. This led into the conversation of how my internship was and how I got hired. I told him what I did during my time at Kohler, and the process of getting hired as an intern. Hopefully this helped him understand how it works maybe feels a little less nervous about the process.

More RAs?!

The other day, I had another guy come up to me asking about the RA position. He asked me about the main things that make a good RA candidate. I told him involvement is huge. Getting involved within the hall helps build community which is a huge plus. I feel that he would make a great candidate and I hope he considers it!